The future is what we make it. Accelerate progress and guide your decisions through comprehensive planning. Engage in a collaborative and dynamic experience rooted in improvisational techniques with us to uncover important insights needed to advance strategy, deliver key outputs and drive results for your organization. We help you advance your mission through our consensus building process that cultivates the best approaches for your unique service proposition through:

  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Branding, Positioning and Messaging
  • Sales Enablement and Accountability

Plans are a critical tool, and Sheer Strategy LLC will ensure that plans developed with us will include measurable objectives, a set timeline, and a framework for delivering against objectives.

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Your people are your greatest asset. Listen to and involve them often. Foster stakeholder engagement by investing in those who care about your mission. In this time of uncertainty, we help you navigate change enablement, strengthen your organizational culture, build your team, and educate and energize your leadership and associates through:

  • Facilitation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Building

Sheer Leadership™ solutions include but are not limited to group facilitation in the form of retreats, workshops, and roundtables for a variety of purposes such as ideation sessions and team building and employee engagement services such as surveying and in-depth interviews to advance corporate culture. Which is more, we can tailor our sessions for in-person, remote-based or hybrid engagements.

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Great work is just the beginning. Sales, Marketing and Product Management team enablement is key to taking actions against workshop outcomes and ultimately drives your business forward. We provide the training and resources to your customer facing teams that positions them for success. Sheer ImpactTM solutions include but are not limited

  • Customer Relationship Management/Buyer Journey Mapping
  • Innovation Blueprints
  • New Product Development Pathways

Engagements in these areas may include subjects such as stage gating, forced criteria ranking as well as optimizing resource allocation, sales and product management training, marketing collateral development, content strategy/creation and thought leadership.

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