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Management Tools

  • • Criteria for Decision Making for New Initiatives
  • • DonorCaST Cultivation and Stewardship Tracker
  • • Managing Board Discord
  • • Strategic Planning for Nonprofits
  • • Engaging An External Facilitator
  • • Making Meetings Work

Revenue Generation Resources

  • • Sample Guidelines for Outside Fund Raisers
  • • Corporate Website Sections
  • • Funding Source Match Assessment Tool
  • • Fundraising Sustainability Map

Grant Proposal Writing

  • • Grant Management Roles
  • • Do Grants Exist For Individuals?
  • • How to Write a Strong Objective
  • • Five Strategies for Grants Compliance
  • • The Board's Role in Securing Grants
  • • How to Guide on Grant Budgets
  • • Five Tips for Funder Research

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